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FREDERICTON BEATRICE ADKINS, née Goodwin, (BA'34), New York, NY JOYCE MOWATT, née Atkinson, (BA'37), North York, ON ANNIE WRIGHT (BA'37), Shepody, NB PHYLLIS "PHYL" BATT (BSc'38), Fredericton, NB STANLEY PRINGLE (BScF'41), Penticton, BC FRANCES GAMMON, née Firth, (BA'43, MA'45), Fredericton, NB CHARLES BUNKER (BScEng'45), Rusagonis, NB JOHN HOUGH (BScEng'45), Oakville, ON BLAKE O'BRIEN (BSc'45), Fredericton, NB JOHN MERRYFIELD (Class of'47), Beamsville, ON FRANCIS ANDERSON (BSc'48), Almonte, ON VINCENT CLARK (BScF'48), Truro, NS ROBERTA "BOBBIE" STYRAN (Class of'48), St. Catharines, ON HAROLD JACKSON (BA'49), Dartmouth, NS FRANCOIS LEBLANC (BScEng'49), Saint-Bruno, QC JAMES "IAN" MACDONALD (BScF'49), Fredericton, NB MICHAEL MCDONALD (BScEng'49), Ottawa, ON GLENN SCOTT (BScEng'49), Rothesay, NB DON STEELE (BScEng'49), Nauwigewauk, NB GERTRUDE VINCENT, née Gunter, (Class of'49), Ottawa, ON ALBERT CHAFFEY (BScEng'50), Bayside, NB SYDNEY FORBES (BScF'50), Madison, WI ARCHIE JARDINE (BScF'50), Winnipeg, MB LLOYD "RUSTY" MACINTYRE (BScF'50), Barrie, ON WALLACE MONTGOMERY (BSc'50), London, ON RUSSELL NORTHRUP (BScEng'50), Shediac, NB MARVEN PALMER (BA'50), Fredericton, NB ROSS READE (BScEng'50), Westmount, QC KENNETH WATSON (BScF'50), Chesley, ON MARY LOU MONTGOMERY, née Hay, (BA'51), Fredericton, NB DONALD YOUNG (Class of'51), Fredericton, NB DONALD BELL (BScF'52, MScF'53), Durham Bridge, NB RINO CARRIER (Class of'52), Edmundston, NB JAMES "JIM" DUNLOP (Class of'53), Almonte, ON JOHN WADDELL (BScF'54), Glen Robertson, ON AL DEWITT (BA'57, BEd'58, MEd'73), Moncton, NB DALTON "BUD" DOW (BScEng'57), Kelowna, BC EDWARD "TED" STEPHENSON (BScEng'57), Grand Bay-Westfield, NB JEAN-MARIE POIRIER (BBA'59), Beaconsfield, QC SHIRLEY ALCOE (BEd'60), Fredericton, NB NORA KELLY (BEd'60), Saint John, NB PAULINE OLYARCHUK, née Seely, (BSc'60), Simpsonville, SC JOHN PLUMMER (Class of'60), Surrey, BC FRANK GOOD (BA'61), Fredericton, NB GRAHAM MARTIN (BScEng'61, MScEng'62), Beaconsfield, QC EUGENE "GENE" CHATTERTON (MA'62), Arnprior, ON ROWLAND DAVID (BScEng'62), Riverview, NB JUDITH GLOVER, née Maier, (Class of'62), Grand Falls, NB JOHN MOSSMAN (BScEng'62), Fredericton, NB EDITH MILLS, née Hornbrook, (BA'64, BEd'70, PD-Ed'75), Chipman, NB SAMPATH VOORA (MScEng'64), Hamilton, ON GORDON BREBNER (BA'65), Bala, ON MARIE MACBEATH, née MacDonald, (BEd'65, PhD'71), Fredericton, NB DOUG MACCALLUM (BA'65, BEd'66, MEd'76), Fredericton, NB RONALD SEARLES (BBA'65), Fredericton, NB DAVID SPEAR (BScEng'65), Fredericton, NB DIANA KENNEY, née Hebert, (BA'68, BEd'72, MEd'89), Rexton, NB BRIAN NORTHRUP (BBA'68), Ottawa, ON DALE SHAW (BT'68, BA'69), Harvey Station, NB JOSEPH THOMPSON (BEd'68, PD-Ed'75, MEd'79), Nauwigewauk, NB MICHAEL WILSON (BBA'68), Bathurst, NB JOYCE COFFEY (BA'69), St Stephen, NB IN MEMORIAM ALUMNI NEWS 50

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