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FRIENDS OF ALUMNI NEWS W e'd like to recognize the following UNB alumni for their generous support of Alumni News. The costs of producing and mailing this magazine are substantial and increasing annually. As such, we are seeking your support through FRIENDS OF ALUMNI NEWS. We encourage you to become a member by making a tax-deductible contribution. Whether you choose to contribute at the Reader's, Editor's or Publisher's Circle, all gifts are appreciated. Thank you for your consideration. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following FRIENDS OF ALUMNI NEWS for their support between Jan. 1, 2015 and Dec. 31, 2015. THANK YOU UNB ALUMNI FOR GENEROUSLY SUPPORTING ALUMNI NEWS PUBLISHER'S CIRCLE (gift of $100 and up) Ms. Jane A. Arnold Mr. Miles G. Atkinson Mr. Anthony P. Bergmann-Porter Ms. Margaret A. Binns Ms. Iris E.C. Bliss Mr. James N. Brittain Mr. Arnold Budovitch Mrs. Judy A. Budovitch Mr. Gary J. Chaplin Mrs. Patricia Chipman Mr. Peter Chipman Mr. J. Edward Connell Mrs. Marjorie A.M. Connell Mrs. Patricia M. Deutschmann Mr. Thomas B. Drummie Mr. Arnold M. Duke Ms. June D. Elder Mr. Harold Geltman Mr. Terry Philip Gervais Mrs. Vickie Gervais Dr. A. Frank Goodfellow Dr. Mary E. Goodfellow Mrs. Linda Gough Mr. Peter Gough Mr. Louie J. Hachey Mr. F. Wayne Harrigan Ms. Jennifer Heal Mr. Hubert D. Henderson The Hon. J. Robert Howie Mr. Ghouse M. Ismail Dr. Akshai Iyengar Mr. David E. Johansen Mr. Frederick P. Johnson Mr. David M. Johnston Dr. James F. King Mrs. Janet C. Kolanko Mr. Claude Lacasse Dr. Janice Marie Legere Mr. R. Neil Likely Mr. Ronald G. Lister Ms. Kate A. Lyons Mr. Thomas C. MacKenzie Dr. D. Ross MacLeod Dr. Ronald A. Manzer Mr. Jeffrey D. Moore Mrs. Susan J. Moore Mr. Timothy Earle O'Donnell Mr. W. Jack Oudemans Mr. Watson L. Peterson Mr. Gary R. Pitman Mr. Ranald A. Quail Mrs. Sherry I. Rioux Mr. Stephen R. Rioux Ms. Davine F. Roach Mr. E. W. Ruiter The Hon. Patrick A. A. Ryan Mr. Richard J. Scott Mr. John E. Semple Mr. Keith Sidwell Mr. Thomas S. Simms The Rev. Canon John C. Smith Mr. John N. Stephen Dr. Arthur J. Stock Mr. Keith W. Thompson Ms. Elizabeth Vermeulen Ms. Donna Viger Mrs. Lois Walker Gillin Mr. D. Reid Watson Ms. Marilyn Wiley Mr. Glen Yerxa Williams Dr. David F. Woolnough Mrs. J. Lynne Woolnough ALUMNI NEWS 42

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