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PUBLISHER Margaret Grant-McGivney UNB Associated Alumni EDITOR Natalie Montgomery (BBA'99) UNB Marketing CONTRIBUTORS Kevin Barrett Shonda Cotton Kelsey Pye Christy English Jenna Kennedy (MBA'07, MASRA'07) Eric Marks (BA'92) Diane McAdam (BBA'89) Patty O'Brien Natasha Rego (BA'13) Annette Wetmore Mark Witten Amelia Whittaker GRAPHIC DESIGN Aleksandra Gniazdowska COVER CREDIT On the cover: Imelda Perley (BA'94, MEd'02) Photo by: Rob Blanchard UNB Media Services PRINTING Advocate Printing ADVERTISING Email: Tel: 506.453.4847 Fax: 506.453.4616 Next Issue: Fall 2016 Subscription for non alumni: $15 Available online: UNB Alumni News is published by the UNB Associated Alumni. Distributed to alumni and friends of UNB. Material may be printed in whole or in part with appropriate credit to UNB Alumni News, except where copyrighted by the author. ISSN 1191-8276 Mailed under Canada Post Publications Mail Agreement No. 40063270. Printed in Canada. UNB ALUMNI NEWS ISSUE: Spring 2016 VOLUME: 24 No. 2 W e've contributed to UNB's proud 230-year history – now UNB needs our help. In the January issue of Alumni News direct, my message focused on UNB's recruitment and branding efforts and how we, as alumni, have a tremendous role to play. I, along with my fellow Alumni Council members, firmly support the direction President Eddy Campbell, UNB staff and faculty are taking to tell the UNB story and share the experience prospective students can have #onlyhere. I admit that, in the early days of my career, based in Toronto, I cherished being the unique voice in the crowd who, when talk centered on alma maters, declared proudly, "Well, I went to UNB." As exclusive as it felt at the time, I now know that our best kept secret needs to be shared, just like the personal expertise some of us have traditionally guarded for fear of losing our competitive edge. UNB needs our voices now more than ever. Our alma mater is not unlike many other Canadian universities struggling with declining enrolments and operating budgets – an outcome of the current demographics and economic challenges across Canada and beyond. However, as many of you are keenly aware, New Brunswick's economy has been struggling in recent years, which directly impacts funding to UNB, particularly as we see a freeze on operating grants from the province to post-secondary institutions for the second year in a row. So what can we, as UNB alumni, do? We can band together with President Campbell, UNB staff and faculty, to tell our UNB story to prospective students, their parents, teachers and influencers, and actively join the recruitment and marketing efforts. We can borrow from the contributions of the group of UNB alumni and supporters who felt so strongly about the investment in marketing at UNB. They contributed funds to the new branding and marketing program because they see this has led to enrolment increases at nearby institutions. This group has extended the torch and we now need to carry it forward with the seeds they provided to tell UNB's story. On a personal note, I am a proud UNB alumna and also a New Brunswicker who has lived 'away' for more than 20 years. There is no distance from campus that will keep me from being actively involved in making change and shaping the future of our UNB. With an alumni family of more than 83,000 strong across the globe, I'd say the odds – and numbers – definitely point in our favour. Please join me in the campaign for UNB. Sincerely, Brooke Yeates (née DeLong, BA'95) Associated Alumni President

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