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5 UNB The Green Review TRANSPORTATION TRANSPORTATION — EVERY UNB FREDERICTON GRADUATE STUDENT RECEIVES A FREDERICTON TRANSIT BUS PASS AS PART OF THEIR TUITION AND FEES. GO GREEN Ride your bike to campus. If 1 out of 10 commuters globally switched to biking we would save 7 billion liters of gas per year. GREEN UNB Did you know an estimated 105 individuals bike to campus each day? JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN UNB STUDENT "Not only does cycling to school allow me to connect with the outside world and provide exercise before university, it also doubles as a way to reduce my greenhouse gas emissions." GREEN CHAMPION WHAT IS SECURITY BIKE PATROL? The Bike Patrol was formed in the fall of 2001. Partners (ResLife, the Student Union, the Bookstore and Pepsi) contributed towards the purchase of KHS mountain bikes for campus patrol. HOW OFTEN DOES SECURITY PATROL ON BIKES? The patrol is used during special functions and when staffing allows. During the summer months, traffic supervisor Mario Warren and I, patrol as often as we are able. All members who participate are given proper training and receive specialized bike uniforms and equipment. DESMOND DEPUIS CRIME PREVENTION COMMUNITY LIASON

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