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4 UNB The Green Review WATER WATER — IN RECOGNITION OF WORLD WATER DAY 2015, THE UNB ART CENTER HOSTED A SPECIAL EXHIBITION TO BRING AWARENESS TO ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES AROUND THE THEME OF WATER. GREEN UNB Did you know in 2014-2015, UNB Fredericton saved enough water to fill the Fredericton water tower 74 times? This was achieved through several measures including the use of low flow fixtures. GREEN CHAMPION HOW DOES E-WASTE AFFECT WATER CONSERVATION? When computers, cell phones, DVD players, batteries, keyboards, telephones, and TVs break down in landfills, their contents leak into the surrounding environment. As it rains, water washes chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins into the ground and water systems. CAN YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT THIS INITIATIVE? UNB and STU students from our ArtZone student collective created artwork from the e-waste and displayed it in the East Gallery. In the West Gallery, we featured a growing mound of e-waste collected from the community. We collected over 8 tonnes of e-waste during the 3 month project. In addition, the gallery featured a display of panels explaining e-waste and the environmental impact of this growing sector. MARIE MALTAIS DIRECTOR OF UNB ARTS CENTRE GO GREEN Use a reusable water bottle, and help reduce waste going to the landfill. "UNB is the largest research and education institute in the province and is well poised to showcase water sustainability and conservation. We have a great opportunity to be a leader by example." MICHELLE GRAY UNB ASSISTANT PROFESSOR

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