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3 UNB The Green Review GROUNDS GROUNDS — UNB FREDERICTON HAS THREE WILDLIFE FRIENDLY GARDENS. EACH GARDEN WAS CREATED WITH THE HELP OF NATURE NB, THE UNB DAYCARE CENTER, AND THE EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER. GREEN CHAMPION WHAT WAS THE BEST PART ABOUT CREATING THE WILDLIFE FRIENDLY GARDENS? Planting the seeds in the clay balls and planting my plant with my friend, Jack. WHAT TYPE OF ANIMALS DO YOU THINK WILL VISIT THESE GARDENS? I think butterflies will because they need lots of nectar. Well, most of all I hope a lot of bugs come to the garden. LIONEL HAYTER UNB MASTERS STUDENT "e many trees and gardens at UNB Fredericton are so refreshing. Sometimes I like to take my lunches or breaks outdoors just to relax." GO GREEN Spend time outside. Studies show that spending time outdoors is associated with mental health benefits, including decreased depression, improved well- being and mental health. GREEN UNB Did you know that 41% of the UNB Fredericton campus is naturalized green space? The UNB wildlife friendly gardens were graciously funded in part through the NB Environmental Trust Fund. CHARLOTTE COLLEGE HILL DAYCARE

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